Freedom Lifts Savaria Infinity Hydraulic Home Elevator

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Remaining safe in your own home with limited mobility doesn’t mean you have to miss out on luxury. With the Savaria Infinity residential elevator, you’ll love having freedom of movement throughout your home – but you’ll also thoroughly enjoy the Savaria Infinity’s smooth, quiet rides and elegant interior.

The Savaria Infinity is a great accessibility solution for larger homes, as hydraulic in-home elevators require space for an elevator shaft. The Infinity can provide up to 6 stops, each configured to suit your house, so you can comfortably and easily access each level. This convenience also means you’ll never worry about carrying laundry, meals, groceries, or other heavy loads from floor to floor again.

Comfort comes standard – but why stop there?

  • Precision hydraulic drive system for a smooth and quiet ride
  • Gradual acceleration and deceleration and automatic leveling means no jerky starts or stops
  • Automatic slim doors are available for a modern appearance.
  • Comes standard with melamine walls, which can be upgraded to wood veneer finishes and hardwoods.

Lifeway carries and installs a full line of residential elevators, including the Savaria Infinity, through our Freedom Lifts division.