Walk-In Tub Cut-Outs

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Make your current tub a step-in tub

No need for a pricey bathroom remodel. Make your existing tub accessible again by converting it to a step-in tub. This is the least expensive and quickest way to solve the problem of getting into and out of your tub. A tub cut-out accommodates a wide range of different situations and can be installed in just one day!

Lifeway Mobility is happy to provide free home evaluations in CT, MA, MN, RI and WI.

  • Can be done on any tub, including fiberglass, steel, and even cast iron.
  • Installed in less than one day
  • Greatly reduces the possibility of falls
  • Enables easy step-in access
  • Costs a fraction of the price of remodeling
  • Ideal for homes, apartments, senior living communities, and hotels.

Tub Cut Out without Door
Starting at $1,120*

Tub Cut Out with Door
Starting at $1,620*

Tub Cut Out with Convertible Door
Starting at $1,620*

Actual price depends on location of install and tub material

Safe Bathing Accessory Add-Ons

We also install grab bars, tub seats, hand held showers and heavy-duty curtains to offer you the ultimate in safe bathing. If you are having difficulty getting into your tub and don’t want to endure the expense of a remodel, a tub cut-out with these accessory add-ons might be for you.

Grab Bars

    • 18″, 24″ and 32″ grab bars available.
    • A safe solution for bathers with mobility challenges and occasional balance issues.
    • Pivot grab bars offer additional support for bathers who need to lean on something or need help getting up from a seated position.

Handheld Showers

    • A flexible handheld design makes showering more comfortable for those who use a shower seat due to mobility issues.
    • Allows the bather or caregiver to direct water directly where it’s needed.
    • Handheld showers also conserve water, which can lower your bills.

Suction Shower Holder

    • Provides an extra level of convenience for those who bathe while seated.
    • Allows the handheld shower head to be positioned exactly where you want it.
    • Keeps handheld shower heads out of the way when not in use.
    • No damage or modifications to your bath tile necessary.

Bath Board

    • Sturdy plastic seat makes washing, along with entering and exiting the bathtub, safer and easier.
    • Anti-slip friction feet are easily adjustable to fit the width of your tub.
    • Can be removed when not being used.


Ready to enjoy a safe, comfortable bathing experience at a fraction of the cost and time of a remodel? Lifeway Mobility can install your step promptly – in just one day! – so you can bathe safely once again.