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Stair Lifts

What can I expect when I purchase a stair lift?
Knowing what to expect during the buying and installation process will make your stair lift purchase smooth and stress-free. Read our blog post What to Expect When Buying a Stair Lift to learn more about the process.


Is there only one kind of stair lift?
There are many kinds of stair lifts from several different manufacturers, including AmeriGlide, Brooks Stairlifts, Bruno, Easy Climber, and Summit Lifts. As a dealer, Lifeway Mobility has the advantage of being able to evaluate products from multiple manufacturers and make recommendations based on each individual’s needs. Bruno is one of our preferred stair lift manufacturers because the Bruno model stair lift is made in the U.S.A., has one of the narrowest tracks in the industry, and is the only model that is ISO 9000 certified, which means it is manufactured following strict quality standards.


I’ve seen cheaper stair lifts on the internet. Why shouldn’t I buy one of those?
You may have seen a low price quoted online, but be aware that those prices may not include in-home evaluation, warranty, installation and other fees, all of which are included in the price of Lifeway Mobility’s stair lifts. In fact, our in-home assessments are free whether you buy a stair lift from us or not! And when you purchase a stair lift from Lifeway Mobility, you are doing business with a locally owned company that is dedicated to understanding and solving your needs. We won’t just disappear once installation is complete—we provide ongoing consultation, perform preventative maintenance, and we’ll be there for you if something goes wrong.


My home has a second-floor entrance and I’m having trouble climbing the steps. Can a stair lift be installed outside the home?
Yes! Our outdoor stair lifts are a great option for homes with decks, patios, second-floor entrances, or steps leading to the front or back door. They are customizable to fit the angles and turns of your outdoor stairs, and they are designed to withstand even the harshest New England weather conditions.


How soon can you install a stair lift?
We can install your straight stair lift as quickly as the next day, in some cases even the same day. For curved or custom stair lifts, installation can be finished in 2-4 weeks. Our curved lifts are engineered to fit your stairway precisely; they are not modularly designed as others on the market. This ensures a smooth ride that outlasts other lifts.


What warranty do you offer on stair lifts?
The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on parts and a 5-year warranty on the motor. Lifeway provides an additional warranty on the motor—lifetime coverage for the original owner at no additional expense. In addition, Lifeway offers 1-year labor warranty


Do your stair lifts work on electrical power or battery?
For maximum safety, our stair lifts are battery-powered. Stair lifts come with a battery charger that plugs into a wall outlet.


How much weight can a stair lift carry?
The weight limit for our Bruno Elan stair lift is 300 lbs, and our Bruno Elite model carries up to 400 lbs.


Is it difficult to get in and out of the stair lift seat?
Our stair lifts feature a power swivel or manual swivel seat to allow easy and safe entry.


Are stair lifts safe to use?
Using a stair lift is a much safer option than trying to navigate stairs when you are unsteady on your feet. Our stair lifts are equipped with a seat belt and can stop on the track at any time. They also come with sensors that will automatically stop the stair lift if an object is in the way.


Is a stair lift comfortable?
Our stair lifts are extremely comfortable, offering a generously sized seat with multiple height adjustments. They also come with adjustable footrests for maximum comfort.


Is a stair lift difficult to operate?
Our stair lifts are very simple to operate. They can be controlled by the person in the chair using a simple rocker switch on either the left or right armrest, depending on the user’s preference. They can even be controlled remotely with a wireless call/send device, so a caregiver can operate the stair lift or send the unoccupied stair lift up or down.


Can I sell a stair lift back to you when I no longer need it? How much will I get for it?
If you have one of our straight stair lift models, you may sell it back to us when you no longer need it. We will properly remove the unit, and pay you an amount that is determined by a number of factors, including use, condition, and age.


What is the most common thing to go wrong with a stair lift? How much does that cost to fix?
If you experience a mechanical problem with your stair lift, it can usually be fixed with a minor adjustment by one of our technicians, which carries a service charge of $175 for the visit and the first hour of labor. The second most common issue is battery replacement, which costs $130, plus the service charge.


If my home loses power, will I still be able to use my stair lift?
Yes. All our stair lifts are battery powered, which ensures that you won’t lose access to them even when the power is out.


What kind of batteries are in a stair lift?
Our stair lifts use two 12V batteries, which ensure dependable performance even in a power outage.


Does a stair lift require servicing? How often? How much does it cost?
Yes, at times stair lifts do require servicing, such as battery replacement or repair of a malfunctioning part. Preventive maintenance will help minimize unexpected repair calls. Lifeway provides a free first-year service and battery replacement, and also offers preventive maintenance programs for purchase.


How long do stair lift batteries last?
How long the batteries in your stair lift last depends on many variables, including the weight of the user, the frequency of usage, and the incline of the stairs. As a general guideline, batteries usually need to be replaced after 1-3 years with heavy use, and 3-5 years with light use.


Do you have to remove the railing when you install a stair lift?
In most cases, the railing does not needs to be removed.


Will a stair lift damage my stairs, walls or banister?
The stair lift is mounted to the stairs and doesn’t touch the wall or banister. Upon removal, there are a few small simple-to-fill holes.


How much space does a stair lift take up?
Our stair lifts run on a rail that can be installed within 5″ of the wall, leaving ample space in the stairway. When not in use, the stair lift’s arms, seat, and footrest can be flipped up so they do not obstruct the stairs. When the seat is folded up it is 12″ from the wall, railing, doorjamb, or other obstruction.


Is my wall strong enough to support a stair lift?
Stair lifts are installed on rails mounted to the treads of the stairs and do not need a wall for support.


How much does a stair lift cost?
Pricing for straight stair lifts starts at $1,800 installed for a refurbished stair lift (or as little as $36/month with no down payment for qualified buyers) and $3,300 for a new stair lift. Outdoor straight stair lifts are $5,500 range. Curved stair lifts are individually made to fit your stairway, so prices will vary, but typical costs range between $9,000 and $16,000. For more information, see our Stair lifts page.


Are your stair lifts made in the USA?


Why is ISO 9000 important to consumers?
ISO 9000 is a set of international standards on quality management and quality assurance developed to help companies effectively document the quality system elements to be implemented to maintain an efficient quality system. The Bruno stair lift is the only ISO 9000 manufactured unit on the market. The product was manufactured using strict quality standards.



Are ramps made of different materials? Which is best?
The four types of materials typically used to construct wheelchair ramps include wood, concrete, steel, and aluminum. All have their pros and cons, but in general a powder-coated aluminum ramp offers superior durability, quick installation, minimal maintenance, and easy removal. For more information, see our blog post on Which Type of Ramp is Best.


Can I sell a ramp back to you when I no longer need it? How much will I get for it?
Yes! The amount we pay varies based on use, condition and age.


Is the ramp slippery?
The surface of our aluminum ramps have a tread that helps prevent slips and falls. In fact, our aluminum surface is arguably the safest product on the market for those with limited mobility. Come into our showroom and try it for yourself.


How much does a ramp cost?

  • Threshold ramps: $35-$140 range for aluminum, $94-$150 range for rubber
  • Portable folding ramps: $99-$520 range for aluminum, $460-$1,000 range for lightweight graphite fiber
  • Residential modular ramps: Prices depend on the length of the ramp and the angle of slope. See our Residential Modular Ramps page for more information and sample ramp pricing.
  • Commercial modular ramps: Please fill out the form for a free site evaluation and pricing.
  • Rental options are also available.

General Or About The Company

Why should I use Lifeway Mobility?
At Lifeway Mobility, we’re not just out to sell you products. Our primary goal is to understand the needs of patients and their caregivers, then to identify the appropriate products and services that will meet those needs.

Our promise to our customers:

  • An experienced and certified team dedicated to improving function, mobility and independence
  • Free home accessibility evaluations
  • Professional installation in CT, MA and RI
  • Responsive repair service
  • Funding resource assistance
  • Payment options: new, refurbished (when available), rental, rent-to-purchase, financing
  • Installed products that are safe, easy to operate, and made in the USA with quality craftsmanship


Are you a local company?
Yes, we are locally owned and operated, with a showroom and office at 40 Weston Street, Suite A, Hartford, Connecticut, 06120. We will be opening an office in Massachusetts soon.


Am I able to try out equipment before I make a purchase?
Yes! Our showroom at 40 Weston Street, Suite A, Hartford, Connecticut, 06120 is equipped with fully operational samples of our mobility solutions, including stairlifts, transfer lifts, ramps, wheelchair lift, bath safety systems, home elevator, and a wide variety of transfer accessories. Call 860-292-1111 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Drop-ins are also welcome, and after-hours appointments in the evenings and on Saturdays are available.


What’s your service rate?
$175, which includes the service charge and first hour of labor.


Are you on BBB?
Yes, we are a BBB-accredited business with an A rating. Visit the Lifeway Mobility BBB business profile page.


How long have you been in business?
The business was initially founded in September 2005. As a result of an acquisition and rebranding, the name changed to Lifeway Mobility in September 2015. Our leadership and consultants have many years of experience in the industry.


How long until you can install the product?
Stairlifts and ramps are in stock and ready for immediate installation.


Is your staff credentialed?
Yes! Lifeway has team members that are: licensed elevator installers, home improvement contractors, Certified CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialists), Certified CEAC (Certified Environmental Accessibility Consultant), USC Certified Home Modification Executive and manufacturer certified installers.


Will Medicare pay for this?
Home accessibility solutions are not covered by Medicare. Please visit our Funding Sources page to find potential alternative sources for home modification funding. Lifeway Mobility can help you determine what funding assistance you may qualify for. Contact us at 860.292.1111 or email to request our Funding Resource Guide.


Will my insurance cover this?
Home accessibility solutions are not typically covered by health insurance. Please visit our Funding Sources page to find potential alternative sources for home modification funding. Lifeway Mobility can help you determine what funding assistance you may qualify for. Contact us at 860.292.1111 or email to request our Funding Resource Guide.