Elite Indoor Curved Stair Lifts

Product Description:

Curved stair lifts are a great solution for homes with curved staircases, split levels, or intermediate landings. Each stair lift is custom-fabricated, so they can be designed to transport you from one level to another, or all the way to your bedroom.

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Proudly made and installed in the USA.



  • Timely stair lift installations to accommodate your schedule.
  • Rails are mounted to the treads of the stairs and do not require a wall for support.
  • Removal of the unit and track leaves minimal footprint.


features Bruno Elite Indoor Curved Stair Lift
Padded, generous-size seat
Adjustable width armrests
Offset swivel seat
Flip-up arms, seat, and footrest
Two wireless call/send remotes
Two 12v backup batteries
Onboard audio/visual diagnostics
Obstruction safety sensors
Gold warranty (5 year major components; 2 year parts)
Customizable upholstery options
Rental or buy-back options N/A
Weight capacity 400 lb
PRICING $9,000 – $16,000


Curved stair lifts are custom made to fit your stairway, so prices will vary. Typical costs range between $9,000 and $16,000. For more information, see our pricing FAQs.

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Learn more about all the safety features and benefits of a Bruno Elite Indoor Curved Stair Lift.

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Want to get a bit more technical? Check out the technical drawings of the Elite Indoor Curved Stair Lift.

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